Roman Empresses Tour: Stories of Livia, Agrippina & Vestal Virgins

What was it like, being a woman in the Ancient Roman Empire?
Ancient Rome was a misogynous society.

At that time, many men thought that an educated woman who was also able to confront them was the most disgraceful thing ever. How could a woman make a mark, in those days?
Now for the first time ever, there finally is a storytelling tour that aims to answer such questions. Women are in the spotlight in this one of a kind evening tour. They will impress you with how incredibly remarkable they were in ancient Rome. Let’s shine a light on the mothers, the workers, and the “First Ladies” who ran an Empire, back in the day.
These women are eager to have their voices be heard and they will roar at you their untold stories.
Meet Agrippina, mother of Emperor Nero and sister of Emperor Caligula, and be in awe when you hear of her incredible life. Discover powerful priestesses known as Vestal Virgins and why they were so significant to Rome, in antiquity. Hear about Empress Livia, wife of Augustus, and see how she became an icon for all the other Roman Empresses to come.
The tour takes place in a marvelous setting. Together with your English-speaking tour guide, you will take a stroll by the Roman Forum at twilight, admiring one of the most important archaeological sites in the world from an unusual angle. See the ruins that are a testament to those women’s lives and discover how much of the city of Rome still proves their existence. It is time to delve deep into the lives of fierce and badass women who, at that time, pulled the strings of one of the greatest empires ever, Rome. On this unique tour, you will hear about some of the most famous women in history… ever!!! Don’t miss it.





Sites Visited:

– Arch of Emperor Septimius Severus
– Roman Forum (from outside)
– Theatre of Marcellus (from outside)
– Portico of Octavia & the Jewish Quarter of Rome, end of the tour


Discover the stories of Empresses and ordinary women from the Roman Empire, hear the tales of some of the most famous women in history ever

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Tour Logistics

€ 30,00 per person

Private for 1 person: 80 euros
Private for 2 people: 95 euros
Private for 3 people: 120 euros
Private for 4 people: 150 euros
Private for 5 people: 180 euros
Private for 6 people: 210 euros

2 Hours
Private tours are available every day
On a private tour, you can customize your favorite Start Time
4:00 pm
( from November 1st to March 31st)

6:00 pm
( from April 1st to October 31st)
Cental Rome. Details provided after booking
This is a storytelling walking tour in the outdoors