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Bernini: an artwork mentioned on the tourNot so many visitors are familiar with the Borghese Gallery. This place is the First Art Gallery in history of Western Civilization and back in the XVII Century, was undeniably the Most Important place in all of Europe. Even today, the gallery houses a smaller and way more elite collection than the Vatican Museums and offers the rare opportunity to see some of the world’s most impressive masterpieces in their original setting. With works by Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian it has a billing to rival the Louvre. Join us on a relaxed exploration of the Borghese Gallery. With an expert, English-speaking tour guide, you’ll delve into the Borghese collection, seeing Bernini’s “Rape of Persephone” and “Apollo & Daphne”, Caravaggio’s “David with the Head of Goliath’” to name but a few. Your guide will lead you through the rooms, explaining the beautiful paintings and sculptures you pass by, and revealing you the hidden and intriguing stories of how the incredibly powerful XVII Century pope’s nephew Scipione Borghese, managed to acquire so many masterpieces, previously destined to other clients…..

Get Ready to be Amazed!!!!


Some of the Artworks included on the Tour

  • Caravaggio’s Paintings: “David with the Head of Goliath”, “The Virgin Mary & the Snake” “Saint Jerome”, “Young Saint John the Baptist”
  • Bernini’s Sculptures: “Apollo & Daphne” “David” “Rape of Persephone”
  • Titian’s Painting: “Sacred and Profane Love”
  • Raphael’s Paintings : “Young Lady with Unicorn”, “Entombment of Christ”
  • Canova’s Statue: “Paoline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s Sister”
  • …and more…


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16 thoughts on “Borghese Gallery Private Tour

  1. My wife and I took the Borghese Gallery Private Tour with Massimo and it was one of the very top highlights of a 3 week adventure in Italy. I have always gone to museums and seen the great art that I was supposed to see but really I was just looking. This was an experience in understanding of what we were seeing and why it was important art. Massimo’s depth of knowledge of these works and artists is impressive and his passion for the subject is undeniable. He is able to bring each of the works to life with details of the artists life, the techniques of creation, the political context in which it was created, the stories of it’s acquisition and it’s influence on art and the world going forward. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. we will try to equal this experience in our future travels and museum visits but Massimo is going to be a tough act to follow. we also took the Scarlet Ladies Tour with Massimo and highly recommend it as well.

  2. I really enjoyed this tour with our guide Massimo. Not only I have learned at lot but had fun too because of Massimo’s style, commitment and passion about his job. We met as strangers and we left as friends! Grazie mille Massimo!

  3. Wonderful museum and absolutely brilliant guide – knowledgeable and entertaining. One of highlights of our Rome trip. Thank you, Massimo.

  4. This first off our tours with Storytelling Rome and Massimo set the bench mark really high. His knowledge and entertaining narrative enhanced the beauty and magnificence of the art work at the gallery. We could have happily spent all day walking the gallery with Massimo as he told the story and intrigues of the Borghese family and the insights into the lives and loves of the artists whose pieces make this such an outstanding collection. A must visit for anyone visiting Rome.

  5. Best guide out of all 5 of our tours in Italy! He was knowledgeable and hilarious! Wish he would’ve been our guide on all our tours!

  6. Massimo was knowledgeable about every detail of each of the exhibits we saw. (He has a great job by the way). This knowledge extended to understanding of the motifs and subjects within each piece.

  7. Without question, a knowledgeable, friendly, and professional experience. Perhaps the best tour experience I have ever had. He is the best.

  8. We appreciated the culture, the sense of humour, the avaiblity to answer to our questions. Massimo is a really nice boy and excellent guide.

  9. Massimo entertained and enlightened us on two different tours (Villa Borghese and his Courtesans tour). He shared his in-depth knowledge of art, culture and history with much flair and humor. Instead of just imparting facts, Massimo illustrates his subject matter with colorful–and sometimes risqué–stories (which he tells with perfect comic timing). Great storyteller and tour guide!

  10. our guide Massimo was entertaining and very knowledgeable. Made the visit more interesting in the limited time available.

  11. Massimo made the tour for us. He gave us a lot of information in a fun and memorable way. Truly enjoyable.

  12. Very knowledgeable and accomodating. Borghese is an amazing place and Massimo made it come alive for us.

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