Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour

Did you know that Julius Caesar was kidnapped by Pirates as a young Boy?

Did you know that Emperor Hadrian was madly in love with another man?

Emperor Augustus’ only child Julia caused the juiciest scandal in all of Rome’s History back in her day!


No questions will go unanswered

No mysteries will remain unsolved


For the first time Ever, there is now a storytelling tour focused on the personal stories of the early Emperors of Rome, instead of boring information such as dates and facts!. Take a stroll in downtown Rome and get ready to be blown away by the lives of the ancient Romans, their love stories and their “peculirarities”! Hear about the assassination of Julius Caesar right on the spot where such tragedy happened. Discover also lesser known historical characters such as Marcus Agrippa and be amazed by his loyalty and his friendship with the first roman emperor of Rome, Augustus. Six ancient Roman characters come into play and make this storytelling tour unique, highly entertaining and a bit juicy at the same time. Your funny English speaking tour guide will impress you with the story of Julia, daughter of Emperor Augustus, and also famous characters like Emperor Nero and Emperor Hadrian make this tour very fascinating. On this tour we walk on a wonderful route, the city centre of Rome will be much quieter compared to what it is at day-time. The moonlight and street lights give their contribution in creating a unique atmosphere, and buildings like the Pantheon or squares like Piazza del Popolo will look different to you at nighttime. On this tour we often include a little break, and you can enojy a glass of great Italian wine in Piazza di Pietra, as you listen to the story of Emperor Hadrian and how he managed to become one of the best Emperors of Rome, and also how he gave human rights back in the 2nd century AD.The tour runs in the evening because the city of Rome is beautifully lit at night and has a great atmosphere which fits perfectly with these salacious stories. History has never been so enticing before. If you enjoy great Historical stories from the past, don’t miss this unique opportuny and delve deep into the past, by blown away by the fascinating ancient Romans.



  • – Largo Argentina (site of the assassination of Julius Caesar)
  • – Pantheon
  • – Piazza di Pietra
  • – Piazza Colonna
  • – Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus & Ara Pacis (from outside)
  • – Piazza del Popolo (end of the tour)


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40 thoughts on “Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour

  1. We were looking for a special kind of Rome tour, with a strong focus on Ancient Roman history. We found it in Massimo’s “Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories” tour.

    Massimo met us exactly at the time & place agreed; he is a charming and most entertaining guide. Massimo’s English is near perfect and it’s very clear he has researched his subject well.

    We walked to six different locations, and at each stop Massimo related a detailed and very informative story about an emperor or related historical figure, and explained the significance of the location we were in. Experiencing these wonderful historical locations by night, when they are lit and there are fewer people around, was quite magical.

    At the halfway point we paused to buy a glass of wine, which we sipped while Massimo related one of his stories, which was perfect!

    My husband reads a lot of Roman history and he found there were still plenty of details and angles which were new to him. Massimo also made it clear which details were historian’s theories and which were supported by the evidence.

    We will remember this tour as one of the major highlights of our holiday in Europe! Highly recommended.

  2. I did the Emperors’ tour last night and it was truly a night to be remembered. Massimo talks about 6 different emperors with 6 totally unique personalities and delves into their personal histories, their impact on Rome, and how the population felt about them. In doing so, he covers a lot of the social history – Roman culture and values, the status of women, the treatment of slaves, and many other issues. With a great sense of humour and an actor’s flawless delivery and timing, he kept us riveted for 3 hours and immersed us in an ancient world that is closer and more relatable than I had imagined.

  3. We actually had Massimo as our tour guide for “Early Access Vatican Museums Small-Group Tour” earlier of the week and we really liked it. The way he carefully constructed the tour got everyone so involved that time simply flew. So afterwards we booked Massimo’s storytelling tour “Julus Caesar and the Roman Emperors Tour”. Again, we enjoyed every minute of the tour. I feel that Massimo is always able to provide the right amount of information with interesting twist and turns. We’ve got a great satisfaction not only from Massimo’s great stories which are informative and amusing but also his engaging energy throughout each tour. We highly recommend Massimo’s tours. – Lily and Rachel

  4. We had the fortune of having a tour with Massimo that our travel agent booked for us on our first day in Rome. We loved it so much we booked 2 more while there! He is an amazing story teller and really brings history to life all while showing you the city. Not only was he fun and hilarious, we felt safe and taken care of which is important for two females traveling in a foreign country where we dont speak the language. I highly recommend these tours for anyone coming to Rome on holiday. I will be back one day and have kept Massimo’s card for future use! He was THAT good!

  5. Massimo is the best tour guide! He kept us captivated throughout the tour. He tells you interesting facts that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a history book. The Emperor Storytelling tour was the best tour we took on our visit to Italy. Massimo takes you to different sites in Rome where the stories of the Emperors take place. My Husband and I really enjoyed the tour and didn’t want it to end! I highly recommend taking one or all of Massimo’s tours during your trip to Rome!

  6. I took the Emperor Tour with Massimo in October and it did not dissapoint!!! It was amazing the detail of the stories and how he keeps it interesting. I would like to think I know a lot about Roman History but even I learnt a lot on this tour. Honestly it does not matter how high your knowledge of Rome or it’s Emperors are, whether you know a lot, a little or nothing at all, you will definately enjoy this tour especially as Massimo as your guide. Go Raibh Maith Agat Massimo

  7. My daughter and I did the Roman Emperors’ Nighttime Stories tour. It was our second tour with Massimo after the “Angels and Demons” tour last year and again we loved every second of it. The tour is extremely well researched, full of amazing information, and at the same time highly entertaining and funny. We learned so much about the personal lives of those historic characters, things you don’t get to know otherwise.
    Massimo is such a gifted storyteller – or even more – a brilliant actor, who performs the scenes of the stories. He kept us focused and fascinated throughout the whole tour.
    Conclusion: Massimo and the tour are a must, highly recommendable. We are definitely taking a tour with Massimo each time we come to Rome. And we are coming regularly! We would also do the same tours again, as long as Massimo is the guide.

  8. My husband and I took the Emperor’s storytelling tour with Massimo and it was excellent — my favourite tour of our three week trip! I learned so much about the history of Rome’s emperors and the places we saw were given excellent context. This is the type of tour I have always been searching for. I’m so disappointed to have only discovered Massimo on our last night in Rome. I would have loved to take another tour with him!

  9. Massimo has a clear passion for people and stories. We took two tours in total with him and where thrilled with both experiences. He knows all the juicy background info that’s very well researched. He takes you behind the scenes with the classic icons and locations of Roman history, all delivered with a touch of flair and just the right amount of humour. Plus the wine stops are a lovely bonus!

  10. My wife and I booked the night time “Emperors Stories” tour with Massimo and we cannot say enough good things about how entertaining, knowledgeable and funny he was. Getting to know history and the “juicy” stories of the lives and times of the first emperors of Rome was the best! Walking through Rome as Massimo points out key locations and explains the secrets we never read about in our history books! The walk was lovely and easy with Massimo as our guide. He was on time and met us with a smile and a great attitude. We highly recommend this tour!

  11. Trust me, I’m not a huge “tour person.” I find myself getting distracted by other things going on around me, what I’m going to eat later, and I just cannot pay attention. And like everyone, I really value my time when I’m traveling and choose how I spend it very carefully.

    This is THE TOUR to take if you’re coming to Rome and you want your time to fly by. I agree with another review that said that “this is the tour you didn’t realize you were missing.” I’ve done two tours with the guide, Massimo, a trained storyteller and extremely thorough researcher, and didn’t want either to end. We were all hanging on his every word. You can tell he’s been working on this for years and it isn’t just a memorized script.

    On the Roman Emperor’s Nighttime Stories Tour (which I did in the evening but you can also do it during the day), you’ll hear true accounts of ancient’s Rome’s scandals and sexcapades, right in the spots where it all happened. Julius Caesar’s murder (not the Shakespeare version), Hadrian’s lover, Nero’s mother…. I’m telling you, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Bonus: in the middle of the tour there’s an optional wine break.

    In sum, two thumbs way up for these tours from a very, very, very picky traveler!

    (PS. This is a surprisingly affordable tour. Book it now before Massimo realizes that he could justifiably raise his prices…)

  12. “Emperors’ Nighttime Stories – the kind of tour you didn’t realise you were missing”

    Rome is a beautiful city like no other. A cultural jewel whose importance to modern society cannot be understated, boasting an unrivalled depth of architectural wealth and famous landmarks.

    But real history is ultimately made by people; buildings are just the shells their life stories leave behind.

    There is only so much you can learn (and more importantly *understand*) by walking through a ruin with a brief audio-guide, or by reading the plaques at a museum. Even the many established guided tours on offer in Rome will fill-in much of the time with banal statistics about the buildings (is it that interesting to learn whether St Peter’s Basilica is a meter or two wider than the Pantheon? Is that what drew you to Rome? Unlikely) instead of spending teaching you about the characters behind the story.

    Massimo’s Emperors’ Nighttime Stories offers you the kind of tour you didn’t even realise you were missing. This is the only tour that I found which offers an insight behind the lives of some of the most famous (and notorious) Emperors of Rome, along with their friends and families, and is in my opinion an absolute necessity when visiting Rome.

    Sure, the view of the Colosseum might be nice (though, in all honesty while well preserved, it is historically a rather unimportant), and the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum may inspire awe but to truly get a sense of wonder, intrigue and understanding of the ‘Eternal City’ I highly recommend allowing Massimo to lead you on a journey into the lives of some of the most important people that saw these landmarks not as ruins, but instead as their local temples, meeting places, dedications to loved ones, their tombs..

    Massimo himself was extremely engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining in his storytelling and generally the kind nice, endearing person within whose company you immediately feel welcome. His knowledge on the history of the Roman Empire and Republic was more than enough to allow a tour 10 times as long, and so he was able to comfortably tackle any questions I was able to through at him, including those on more recent history while walking between sites on the Papacy, the Mussolini era and unification of Italy.

    This tour was mine and my girlfriend’s favourite part of our 6 days in Rome, and when I return to the city that stole my heart I will, without hesitation, be booking another tour with Massimo!

  13. A very special tour that engages the whole family.
    My wife, 15 year old son and I were all completed engaged for 3 hours by Massimo’s incredible tour of Roman Emperors (and related memorable characters). He’s researched tales that will amaze, delight and surprise you – a gift you will keep well past your stay in Rome. Book this tour and let Massimo take you on an unexpected and fun journey through the streets of Rome at night. Enjoy!

  14. As a last minute idea I signed my husband and I up for the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour and thank goodness I did! It was phenominal! Massimo is AMAZING-fantastic story teller with a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share. My only regret is that he was not with us for the rest of our time in Rome.

  15. About a week before we left for our family vacation to Italy, a friend recommended Massimo’s tour. Our friend said it was a fun way to learn about the history of ancient Rome and he was right! Massimo is an excellent story teller and very personable. Our kids, 18 and 15, were both very engaged. We highly recommend Massimo’s tour. It’s unique, fun and you learn a lot at the same time.

  16. Massimo’s Storytelling Walk was the perfect complement to the usual sites of Rome! Massimo is an engaging and thoroughly knowledgable guide. Each stop features a notable Roman associated with the site. Instead of simply giving the facts and statistics, Massimo uses the site to tell the story of the notable Roman, often focusing on a specific aspect of their background which was instrumental in shaping them. Even though I had read much about the people highlighted, Massimo still taught me much. After the high heat and many steps of a day in Rome, this tour was the highlight of our visit: cooler temperatures, relaxing stops, and stories that tie together all that we had seen, not only to the sites but to humanity throughout the ages.

  17. I recently took Massimo’s night time tour centered around the dramatic lives of the Roman Emperors, and I wish I could give it a lot more than 5 stars! Massimo is a master storyteller with truly impressive knowledge about ancient Rome. You’ll learn so many juicy details about the emperors’ lives on this tour, things you’d never hear about in history class. I learned so much, yet the time flew by! Highly recommended for any visitor to Rome, and especially those who enjoy the scandalous side of history!

  18. Roman Emperor Drama Walk for the Win.
    This was a storytelling walk of the Extreme Drama only produced by Roman emperors and bad soap operas. We walked to a good location relevant to the story, and sat down while our awesome guide went through all the lurid details. Halfway through there was a chance to get some wine, though I didn’t partake.

    The guide, Massimo, was pretty much awesome 100% of the time. His stories themselves are interesting, very well researched, well written and well told. I’ve studied the art of storytelling a little, and can confidently attest to his proficiency. His anecdotes and humorous use of colloquial language really help frame the story in modern terms and really kept me engaged.

    The walk wasn’t too long or arduous, it was a comfortable distance. Most of the locations weren’t crowded and often we were the only people sitting on the stairs or benches wherever we were.

    Given the… peculiarities of the Romans, I would not recommend this to children, but families with older teens will probably be okay.

    I would recommend this to just about anyone as one of the best parts about my trip to Rome. I recommend Massimo very highly and would take this tour again (or any other thing Massimo has going on) when I return.

  19. We are very sorry for not getting to this review sooner. This past June 2016 we had the wonderful and fantastic experiences of having Massimo for our walking tours of Rome. We had the great experience of the Courtesans tour last summer and decided to book the other tours that Massimo offers this year…and we were NOT disappointed at all!!!!
    We did the Roman Emperors tour our first night back in Rome(this being our 4th year in a row coming to Rome) it was amazing to find out the more intimate details of the Roman Emperors, you know the things that the “big company tours don’t offer” The stories were interesting, fascinating and told with such passion by Massimo, you couldn’t help but be in the moment!
    The next morning we had booked the Colosseum to see the house of Livia and couldn’t help but remember the stories from the previous night which for us put a totally different spin on our tour. Thanks Massimo.
    We cannot give enough Kudos to Massimo, and we look forward to our “hopefully” return next year to Rome. He will help you fall in love with another side of Rome, an amazing place with an amazing history like no other.!!!
    Eric and Jo-Anne Reynolds
    Kingston, Ontario

  20. It was not our first “off beaten path” tour with a guide. We took some before in Florence and Paris. The two tours guided by Massimo were by far the most interesting once in terms of real historical facts connected to the real places and real people who lived in Rome. The narrative was very interesting and, though, there were some “adult” facts, our 14.5 year old sun did not feel awkward hearing with his parents present. Massimo is very flexible and accommodating. He replied to our e-mails right away and we regret, that due to our and his schedule conflicts, we could not take another tour with him.

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