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If you love antiquities, there is no such museum to visit as the Palazzo Massimo. The best and most unique antiquities in Rome’s history are preserved right inside of this structure, in a very elegant and sophisticated way. Did you know that Emperor Caligula had a Naval Floating Ship? Yes, you understood correctly! Inside Palazzo Massimo one of the rarities you can see is a representation of what the naval floating ship would have looked like and your English Speaking guide, will draw your attention over to the bronze remains that, back in the old times, would decorate it with such bizarre magnificence! Many great ancient world’s masterpieces make Palazzo Massimo a museum to visit, like for example the frescoes removed from the Villa of the First Lady Livia, wife of Emperor Augustus. You will be completely dazzled by those well preserved frescoes, which were meant to represent a “Paradise”: hence a prefect garden. Palazzo Massimo is also the ONLY place where you can admire a 2nd century BC painted Calendar, which is the only piece of evidence of a Lunar Calendar of the ancient world, first before Julius Caesar and much later Pope Gregorius, would adjust the reckoning of time for the modern society we live in!
In the rooms on the ground floor are exhibited splendid Greek originals discovered in Rome throughout the centuries, such as the Boxer at Rest, the Hellenistic Prince, as well as portraiture of the Republican and Imperial ages, culminating in the statue of Augustus Pontifex Maximus (High Priest).




What’s Included:

– 2nd Century BC Ancient Roman Lunar Calendar; the only one in the World

– 2nd Century AD Grottarossa Mummy; the only one in the World

– Bronze Statue of the Boxer at Rest

– Villa of Empress Livia, her original Dining Room

– Julia daughter of Emperor Augustus; a few bedrooms and rooms from her villa

– Bronze remains from the Naval Floating Palace of Emperor Caligula


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4 thoughts on “National Museum Palazzo Massimo Tour

  1. We did two tours with Massimo, one of the National Roman Museum/Palazzo Massimo and one of the scarlet women of Rome. Both tours were spectacular.
    Massimo possesses that rare combination of broad digested artistic, cultural and historical perspective, together with an appropriate sense of theatricality and spontaneity. This mixture makes you enjoy, learn and REMEMBER. Definitely five stars.

  2. I highly recommend a tour with Massimo. He is so knowledgeable and makes history come alive. WE took the Palazzo Massimo tour ( relation to him, I guess). Even though we’d been there many times before, he pointed out so many things that we had not seen or understood the historical implications of. A very worthwhile tour!!

  3. Massimo brings alive history in a way I’ve never experienced with other guides in other cities. This isn’t only history, this is soap opera and gossip told in a modern way with passion and humour.
    We’ve been on a few of Massimo’s tours now. Each with a completely different subject matter. His depth of knowledge is fantastic and his delivery is second to none.
    Massimo is a true storyteller in every sense of the word. #bestintown.

  4. We had a great walking tour of this museum with Massimo De Fillipis, a tour guide we met in Rome for the first time in 2013. Massimo has a great falr about him for story-telling and this tour was no different. If it hadn’t been for Massimo mentioning this museum on a previous walking tour we had with him, we would never have thought to give this place even a glance. This is the museum of Rome. The artefacts covering its Etruscan beginnings, through the Republic and beyond were fantastic to see. The mosaics (especially the preserved pavements) were absolutely magnificent. An entrance ticket to this museum costs 7 euro and allows you access to another two local museums as well…a great deal. If you decide to take this tour, do it with Massimo as a guide…you will not be disappointed.

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