img_6874Hi Everyone 🙂

I’m Massimo and I am a licensed tour guide, working in Rome since 2009. I am a historian, but I also have a background as an actor.
My theatrical side comes through on my tours, because when I tell stories of people from the past I really become very animated, I almost embody these characters. For this reason, even though I have an official license and I cover ancient sites of Rome like the Colosseum & Roman Forum as well as museums, like the Vatican Museums and the Borghese Gallery, I like to label myself as story teller instead of tour guide.

The reason is that I want to debunk the popular myth that guided tours, and history in general, are boring. History is made up of men and women, people who loved and struggled in their lives. History is made up of remarkable people who were ahead of their time, and to whom we should be grateful for the human rights we have today and also for the technology that pervades this modern society.

This is the engine that pushed me in researching for great stories from the past, to shine a light over remarkable people whose memories were forgotten in time and that I try to bring back to light. Their stories need to be known.

The storytelling tours are suitable for everybody, whether they are history buffs or not even remotely familiar with the history of Rome, because all you need to do is to listen to a great story.

These details enrich my tours, they also make me a better man and a more qualified tour guide!

To all those people who say that history is boring, please accept my challenge: I dare you to come and take one of my storytelling tours!!!