I am Giulia, licensed tour guide, born and raised in this marvellous city. Ever since I was a child I travelled around with my family and have always been in contact with different Countries and cultures, and on the other hand, my parents have always hosted friends from around the world who often shared their experiences and anecdotes with us.


These international contacts and personal stories from travelers had a deep influence on my personality and so when I turned 21, I moved to Spain for a while, and when I eventually graduated, armed only with a backpack and a lot of enthusiasm, I left on a journey which took me to many places in South America and Asia. I felt like I was a citizen of the world.

Despite these experiences, Rome was always in my heart and after many years of roaming around, I decided to come back and to restart studying again so that I could love my city the way that I loved the history of other Countries.

I have been guiding tours since 2012 and every day I am happier and more convinced that I’ve made the right decision to come back and stay. What I love about my job is actually seeing the spark in the eyes of my clients when I talk about Rome’s history, it’s a priceless feeling and incredibly rewarding.

I’ve always loved to recount stories of my trips and now I have the honor to tell Rome’s history

Rome has so much to offer; ancients sites, marvellous churches, fascinating and folkloristic medieval districts and amazing fountains everywhere.
It is a great privilege to give tours in the Eternal City and being surrounded by all these beautiful pieces of art makes me feel fortunate