Hidden Historic Churches Tour with San Clemente Basilica & Pope Francis’ Official Cathedral

BRONZE DOORS SAINT JOHN IN LATERANTogether with your English speaking tour guide, you will start your guided tour in the unique multi-layered San Clemente Basilica: a 12th Century Church, built on top of a 4th Century Church, built on top of a 2nd Century Pagan Temple, built on top of 1st Century Roman Buildings. The tour will grant you access to all the underground levels, going 45 feet below the current street level, walking over the bricks of the ancient roman age. Afterwards you will be moving on to Santo Stefano Rotondo Church, “Saint Stephen in the Round”. This unique church dates back to the 5th Century and is the FIRST circular church in the eternal city. It is also the only place where we can admire the Martyrology, a record of martyrdoms, painted by Pomarancio in the XVI century. The third and final church included on the guided tour, is the Most Important Catholic Church in the World; Saint John in Lateran Basilica, official Seat of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis. Alongside the magnificence of the church itself, your tour guide will enrich the excursion with some interesting facts and details about Holy Stairs, the marble stairway allegedly walked by Christ and the most ancient Egyptian Obelisk in the World, transported to Rome by ancient roman Emperors. The tour ends nearby the “San Giovanni” Metro Stop subway line.






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16 thoughts on “Hidden Historic Churches Tour with San Clemente Basilica & Pope Francis’ Official Cathedral

  1. My friend and I did the ‘Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends of Rome’ walking tour and thoroughly enjoyed it so I I booked the ‘Courtesans Tour’ the following day and then the ‘Historic Churches’ the day after. On both occasions I was the only one which was very lucky for me to have someone so knowledgeable to myself for a 3 hour tour. His knowledge talking about the people who lived in the city and helped shape its history was fascinating and it was great to see places ‘off the beaten track’ and hear the stories behind each place. I always try and imagine myself in a time machine when I’m travelling and with each of Massimo’s tours the time machine came alive.

  2. Massimo was one of the best guides I have seen: friendly, smart, and fun. He respected the intelligence of his guests and served as a talented educator and host, rather than an entertainer. His knowledge of Greek and Latin concepts was excellent and he put artifacts and cultural practices in systematic and historical contexts.

  3. Massimo is a fountain of knowledge and was able to answer any question posed. His great sense of humour made the tour fun and engaging for all ages. Our two children loved the tour, Massimo gentle nature, sharp wit and mind had them enthralled too. We couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. Thank you!

  4. Amazing guide. A trained historian who has a passion for making history real. His explanations of the Pagan temple underneath St Clement church was simply fantastic. Truly superb guide!

  5. Informative, able to answer any question thrown at him, impeccable delivery, witty, warm and friendly, empathises with both his clients and his subject, takes pride in and enjoys what he does, excellent timing. An ambassador for both your company and for Rome. And we liked him – a lot! Thank you, Massimo for over 3 hours of learning and delight. Bernice and Laura, Toscana and London.

  6. Very professional with a really fantastic sense of humour, cannot praise him enough, 10 out of 10 definitely, Massimo was his name I think.

  7. I was travelling with my husband and his 72 year old parents. Massimo was GREAT!! He was very understanding about his audience and made sure everyone was still comfortable as we walked through the streets of Rome. Massimo is VERY knowledgeable about the history of Rome and Catholicism amazingly he can provide so much very detailed historic information as well as keep the conversation light and fun to listen to and follow. I would definitely recommend Massimo’s tours and when I return to Rome I will be looking to book another one. Thank you so much for the great day!!

  8. Hi I am trying to submit a request for a tour but the Code will not present itself therefore I can’t submit. Can you email me please? Thank You!

  9. Massimo is awesome. This tour turned out to be one of the most interesting and unique things I’ve ever seen. This is a must see on your bucket list.

  10. Very good guide, has a lot of knowledge and you feel his enthusiasme and love for Rome and archeology.

  11. Very personable, and knowledgable. Seems to enjoy explaining the subject matter – it was contageous!

  12. Massimo is the best guide – really bringing the stories to life. Fantastic!

  13. This was a great tour! If you are in Rome and want to take a tour off of the beaten path, be sure to do this one. Massimo was a great tour guide! Be sure to tip!!!!

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39,00 Euro per person.
Groups are no larger than 15 people.
The price is inclusive of the Archaeological Site.
Children up to 13 years old pay 24,00 euro

Private for 1 person: 90 euros
Private for 2 people: 110 euros
Private for 3 people: 140 euros
Private for 4 people: 170 euros
Private for 5 people: 195 euros
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9:30 am
Central Rome. Details provided after booking
English speaking guide, expert of the History of the City.