Ostia Antica Half Day Walking Tour

Ostia Antica offers a glimpse into the past in a much quieter setting than Pompeii

This tour paints a captivating portrait that will take you back through the millennia to an unforgettable Roman Era


Leave the modern world behind as your English speaking tour guide will bring antiquities to life before your very eyes.
Listen as your guide provides a captivating account as you marvel at its theater, impressive temples, insula apartment blocks and the Forum of Corporations, where everything under the sun was bought and sold.
Be wowed by the great mosaic floors and several well preserved statues that seem to be, inappropriately, called “ruins”. In your Ostia Antica group tour there will be up to 14 participants or less. Small groups are indeed the best way to really enjoy the guided visit and to get the most from it.

In this huge archaeological site there are quite a few buildings that you can actually climb. For example, one of the highlights in this place is the 1st Century BC Theatre built by Marcus Agrippa that to this day can host 3.500 spectators at the same time. You can walk up to its top to have a gorgeous view of the ancient city from above. However on this walking tour we do not talk about only religious temples and ancient stores but it’ll actually be a colorful tour especially once you come across the ancient roman public toilets; the Latrines.
This tour is an eye-opening experience because you will understand how incredibly “modern” and “advanced” the ancient Romans were and how much of our modern daily lives are actually affected by them.

Traveling with an expert guide, you’ll visit all the best sites and learn to identify them for what they once were, making sense of plenty of structures.

This unique tour of Ancient Ostia departs from Rome by local train and you arrive at Ostia Antica in approximately 20 minutes.

What’s Inlcuded

Small groups of 14 people or less
Train ticket to and from Rome
Ancient Ostia entrance ticket
English speaking tour guide

What’s not Included

Hotel pick-up/drop-off


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13 thoughts on “Ostia Antica Half Day Walking Tour

  1. My husband and I took Massimo’s tour to Ostia Antica and his Roman Emperors Tour. We’ve been fortunate to participate in many tours all over the USA and Europe, but Massimo’s tours are above all in quality of material and presentation. Massimo is energetic, knowledgeable and an overall great person. He answered all of our questions and gave us recommendations on where to dine.

  2. While in Rome and researching about what else to do.. I stumbled upon the Ostia Antica tour conducted by Massimo Filipps. When browsing for the tours conducted by Massimo.. there was one thing in common.. Every review had nothing but glorious superlatives to describe Massimo’s abilities as a tour guide. And having opted to do the Ostia Antica tour with Massimo.. All I can say is.. Thanks to Massimo.. It was Ostia Fantastica!!!
    Having already toured Pompeii.. I did have second thoughts about Ostia.. since both the places fall in the same category.. Ruins! However, for anyone with even the slightest doubt, rest assured, if you loved Pompeii.. you will unequivocally love Ostia as well. Better preserved than Pompeii and with a totally different story to share.. Massimo brings the place alive with his description and unique art of weaving stories of an inhabited Ostia. My favourite part was when he used his guidebook to show us the images in his guidebook of the present day ruins at the exact same location where we would be standing and then he would ask us to imagine what the same place looked like in its heydays. Then he would flip over a plastic sheet onto the page and voila.. the ruins transformed back to its erstwhile glory! I called it.. the ‘flip-back’ game and Massimo did it with great aplomb!
    Ostia Antica for me has been the biggest highlight of my Rome trip and I can’t help but say.. Massimo made it happen with his passion!
    Most highly recommended….
    P.S. Check out other story telling tours by Massimo (Emperors & Courtesans) Unfortunately.. I had to miss it because of a personal exigency!

  3. A friend and I experienced a magical day at Ostia Antica on a tour led by Massimo. It was a picture perfect day in March with few visitors so you really could enjoy the site without the rush of crowds. As a retired history teacher perhaps I hold guides to a different standard than other tourists but Massimo met and even exceeded the standard. We were transported to the ancient town by his marvelous descriptions and enthusiasm. Many are familiar with Pompeii but have little knowledge of what one can see here and when you consider that 55% of the area has as yet to be explored one can only imagine what lies underneath your feet as you walk the site. We took a private tour but group tours are also available. Don’t miss this site on your next trip to Rome!

  4. Massimo did an outstanding job of providing all kinds of information to us and made the time in Ostia a very memorable experience. He is a wonderful story teller and very personable. We also enjoyed the restaurant he recommended for us upon our return to Rome.

  5. Even if it was a very short notice, Massimo, owner of the company and amazing guide, himself took me to Ostia Antica for about four hour walking tour. He knows the history and has a passion to share it with people. I am so glad that I went with his company (with him). He claims that he knows every single stone in Ostia Antica and he does. Through his stories, the pile of rocks and crumbling walls come alive and you can feel how people used to live in this ancient city. He answered all the questions that I had and gave me a good insight into the history of the place. Highly recommended!

  6. We had the pleasure of enjoying your Ostia Antica Tour with Massimo in September 2013. We would like to say how impressed we were with Massimo and the tour. The only negative was it was difficult to find the group at the meeting place initially but the rest was magnificent! Thank you to Massimo for sharing his passion and information during this great tour. I will be sending a good review to Tripadvisor as well. Thanks Massimo! Lisa and Len Alberta, Canada

  7. Massimo was courteous, knowledgeable and took extra time to ensure the enjoyment and welfare of everyone on the tour. He is an asset to your company.

  8. Perfect balance between serious knowledge and entertainement. Keeping up ggod spirit despite rain and bad weather We enjoyed the tour the most of our stay in Rome

  9. Massimo was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable regarding the history of Ostia Antica and is a great story-teller. He brought the city to life! He has a great sense of humour, too!

  10. This was definitely the best tour we had while in Rome. Massimo was an excellent guide.

  11. Very knowledgeable. Helped developed a story about the city and what it was like to live back then. Time length was great. Guide had great enthusiasim.

  12. Oh gosh, it was really a lot better than Pompeii!!! Thanks Massimo, the tour it was wonderful

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Tour Logistics

€ 65.00 per person ( All included )
Children up to 18 years old pay 40,00 euro
Private for 1 person: 180 euros
Private for 2 people: 200 euros
Private for 3 people: 240 euros
Private for 4 people: 300 euros
Private for 5 people: 330 euros
Private for 6 people: 360 euros

Private tours are available every day except Monday. On a private tour, you can tailor your favorite meeting time with the tour guide. Pick up at the hotel is not included but possible with additional 20 euros, as long as your accommodation isn't too far from the city center.
8:30 am
Central Rome. Details provided after booking
English speaking Tour Guide, expert of the Site