I’m Arianna and I am a native Roman who, like the majority of people in this city, grew up surrounded by the magnificence of Rome and of course this is where my passion for tour guiding comes from. However, the side-effect of growing up in a city like Rome is that you take marvellous sites like the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel for granted, and you don’t really value their importance in history…until the day in which Rome struck me! I still have vivid memory of that event; I was in high school and with my class, one day we went to see an art exhibit located in a local museum. That was my breakthrough experience with Rome, that struck me; that moment I realized that my life had to revolve around Art.

I graduated in Art History in Rome but during college I traveled a lot throughout the United States of America and I also ended up living there for a while. That experience made me see the world in a different perspective and all the differences that I saw between Italy and the US were so inspiring for me. Eventually when I came back I felt that it was about time for me to fall in love and to be in connection with Rome again.
There are two things that I love most in my life: art history and dealing with people from all over the world and so, becoming a tour guide was a natural option.

When it comes to Rome, the city certainly has very popular spots that you must visit on your first trip but on the other hand, there are also plenty of hidden treasures that will mesmerize you and I LOVE to show those off the beaten path sites to my people, on a guided tour. When you come here, you have to discover Rome by foot, you have to walk on its cobblestones and through its little alleyways and you have to get lost in the city, this is part of the deal but such experience will enrich you as person and will make your vacation even more fascinating.
What are you waiting for?!

Oh, what else should I add about me?
Right, here is something that I would like to share with you all, a long time ago someone told me: “Turn your passion into your job and you won’t have to work another day of your life”!


Guess what?

He was right