I’m Anna, I grew up near Boston, U.S.A. and have been living in Italy since 2005.
I have a degree in art and theatre and have also done many studies with professors here in Rome of art history, archaeology and history specific to Rome. I have been working as a tour guide in Rome as well as taking clients to other regions of Italy since 2009. My additional background as an actress helps me to convey my strong passion for Italian history and culture to my clients as well as helping me to bring these incredible stories to life in the most entertaining way possible.
I love giving tours of the different archaeological sites, some of the top museums in the world like the Borghese Gallery and a few of the hundreds of interesting churches that we have here and for the past few years I have been giving many “food tours” – tours that focus not only on what Romans eat and drink but the entire culture around culinary traditions from the past to present day. I really enjoy giving these types of tours because it allows me to share with my clients all of the aspects of Italian culture that I love, everything from food to history to the people and how they speak to what makes up a Roman neighborhood. For me Italy is more than just history and pretty sights, it’s also the local characters, how they live and the delicious food and drink that many of them make and sell.

I have taken my knowledge and experience as a food tour guide to create original best-of-the-best food tour experiences for Storytelling Rome. These tours are truly legit, with excellent shops and restaurants that I have hand-selected in my favorite Roman neighborhoods. When people ask me why I moved to Italy or what I love about Italy I cannot pinpoint one specific thing, it’s everything about this culture and this type of tour gives me the opportunity to express that passion. If you’re looking for an interesting, fun, local experience please join me!