My background is that I graduated in languages and history of the American cultures at the university and this passion eventually led me to travel a lot and to also live abroad for a few years. Even though I loved that experience and period of my life, every time I came back to Rome from a trip I fell in love with Rome again and again, it felt like home. This is the city where I was born and raised, this is the city that in the classical world had conquered 1/3 of the planet and you can still feel that when you look at the ruins of its ancient glory. Rome has a fascinating history and is also an open-air museum and this awareness made me realize that I wanted my life and my work to be more intertwined with it. Long story short, I started studying archaeology and art history… and I’ve become a tour guide.

Initially I started leading full day tours from Rome to places such as Naples, Pompeii and also many other wonderful cities and little towns located in Tuscany. This experience has of course expanded my knowledge of my country, besides, and an aspect of my job that I profoundly love is that I get to know people from everywhere on a daily basis. This job offers a great cultural exchange which fits perfectly with my studies and also keeps me enthusiastic with what I do for a living.
In the end I decided to settle in Rome and I’ve been leading tours since then in various areas of the city, such as the Colosseum & Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, the Borghese Gallery etc.. I am delving deep with my knowledge and understanding of Rome and I hope I’m able to let people view my city the way I see it and to become fascinated by it.

Rome is a wonderful city with an important history and many hidden secrets. Let me help you fall in love with it.