Storytelling Rome Tour: the Highlights

Bernini StatueTake this tour and get whisked off through the great highlights that the city of Rome has to offer. You will start your English-speaking tour by the famous Spanish Steps. Throw a coin into Trevi Fountain, listen to Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ story while marveling at the 2nd century AD marble column telling myriad a tale right in Rome’s city center. Find out why the Pantheon is so magnificent and, together with your fun, friendly, and knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide, discover what you can find and see still today inside such a building. The city of Rome is an open-air museum, enjoy it and get the most from it! This tour ends in Piazza Navona, a beautiful and central square where your tour guide will easily point you to your next destination, a taxi stand or a bus stop, to return to your accommodation, or to just enjoy the piazza at your leisure, as the Romans do!


Sites Visited:

  • Spanish Steps
  • Bernini’s home (from outside)
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Column of Emperor Marcus Aurelius
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona (end of the tour)


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6 thoughts on “Storytelling Rome Tour: the Highlights

  1. We definitely loved both tours. The tour guide, Massimo, was awesome and very passionate about his craft. We learned so much about the history of Rome and its peoples and also some entertaining facts in between. Definitely for those who need excitement in their trip!

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with Amanda on the Storytelling Rome tour! She is intelligent, educated, and fun to be around! This is a very fun and educational way to spend some of your time in Rome. Highly recommended!

  3. It was Massimo that made the tour fun and worthwhile. He was lively, engaging, informative and experienced. His stories and facts were amusing and he delivered them with such panache it made the tour memorable.

  4. This review may be a little long, because I want to establish a frame of reference. I first met Massimo two years ago when my father and I were traveling through Italy and France. We had booked a tour of the Borghese Gallery through Viator and were lucky enough to have Massimo as our guide. We were both incredibly impressed with the content of that tour and Massimo’s skills as a guide and storyteller. We had spent 3 weeks touring around two countries, going on countless tours, but we both felt Massimo was the best guide we had experienced.

    Fast forward two years, and I found myself in Italy just last month (March 2017) with my mom, this time spending time in Italy and Austria. When we decided to spend some time in Rome (it was her first time there) I knew we had to book some private tours with Massimo. We ended up booking 4 tours with him (2 private and 2 group tours). We started with his Storytelling Rome tour, which was a great opportunity for my mom to get acquainted with the Eternal City. Mom was a high school English teacher for over 30 years and an avid reader of historical and religious texts. The tour was a fantastic experience, and we were both impressed by Massimo’s knowledge and presentation. It was a fantastic tour.

    We next participated in his small group Hidden Churches Tour, which was only the two of us and one other person. We enjoyed visiting the Churches and hearing the history. We both commented that so many things we would have just “walked by” in those churches and said “oh, that’s a nice sculpture,” and we would have missed the importance of it completely. The effortless and conversational way Massimo delivers an incredible amount of historical knowledge is impressive, and we really felt we learned a lot and had a lot of fun during the tour.

    A couple days later we had booked Massimo for a Borghese Gallery Private Tour. You need to do this! He has near encyclopedic knowledge of the place and its artworks, and always was engaging with our many questions. This tour also intertwines very nicely with his Courtesan’s Tour, which we had booked for the next day. The way Massimo explains not only the artworks but the history of the Borghese family and the stories of the artists lives and the lives of the models is extraordinary. I have never had such an appreciation for the stories of some of the models for artworks dating back so many hundreds of years – but many of them have compelling and intriguing (and sometimes sordid!) back stories. The Borghese Gallery is a MUST SEE in Rome, and if you do anything, treat yourself to the private experience with Massimo.

    Perhaps most fitting, we ended our time in Rome and series of tours with Massimo by taking what I believe is one of his signature tours, The Courtesan’s Tour. This walking tour around Rome was incredible, as we learned a part of history that is completely neglected by the usual historical texts. The role of the Courtesan in Roman society was so important, and some very famous Courtesan’s played important roles in some of the most interesting historical events of their day. Through Massimo’s tour we gained a deep appreciation and knowledge of these ladies and their stories, against the back drop of some of their houses that are still standing today! Overall an incredibly well conducted tour.

    In closing, I could not give a higher rating to Massimo and his tours. They are so engaging that the time flies by. He is knowledgeable, incredibly engaging, funny, and extremely friendly. I also appreciated that he was always mindful of my mom (in her later 60’s), giving opportunities to sit down when possible, making time on the private tours for a little break to grab a coffee or use the restroom, and just being very thoughtful overall. I will continue to offer my friends and family the strongest recommendation to book with Massimo whenever possible. I know I definitely will the next time I return to Rome.

  5. Massimo was an amazing tour guide and I laughed the whole time with him. He told the best stories and would give daily life and not just the history. I learned so much. He is also a great photographer when needed. Can’t recommend enough!

  6. Massimo has a clear passion for people and stories. We took two tours in total with him and where thrilled with both experiences. He knows all the juicy background info that’s very well researched. He takes you behind the scenes with the classic icons and locations of Roman history, all delivered with a touch of flair and just the right amount of humour. Plus the wine stops are a lovely bonus!

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