Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour

Did you know that Julius Caesar was kidnapped by Pirates as a young Boy?

Did you know that Emperor Hadrian was madly in love with another man?

Emperor Augustus’ only child Julia caused the juiciest scandal in all of Rome’s History back in her day!


No questions will go unanswered

No mysteries will remain unsolved


For the first time Ever, there is now a storytelling tour focused on the personal stories of the early Emperors of Rome, instead of boring information such as dates and facts!. Take a stroll in downtown Rome and get ready to be blown away by the lives of the ancient Romans, their love stories and their “peculirarities”! Hear about the assassination of Julius Caesar right on the spot where such tragedy happened. Discover also lesser known historical characters such as Marcus Agrippa and be amazed by his loyalty and his friendship with the first roman emperor of Rome, Augustus. Six ancient Roman characters come into play and make this storytelling tour unique, highly entertaining and a bit juicy at the same time. Your funny English speaking tour guide will impress you with the story of Julia, daughter of Emperor Augustus, and also famous characters like Emperor Nero and Emperor Hadrian make this tour very fascinating. On this tour we walk on a wonderful route, the city centre of Rome will be much quieter compared to what it is at day-time. The moonlight and street lights give their contribution in creating a unique atmosphere, and buildings like the Pantheon or squares like Piazza del Popolo will look different to you at nighttime. On this tour we often include a little break, and you can enojy a glass of great Italian wine in Piazza di Pietra, as you listen to the story of Emperor Hadrian and how he managed to become one of the best Emperors of Rome, and also how he gave human rights back in the 2nd century AD.The tour runs in the evening because the city of Rome is beautifully lit at night and has a great atmosphere which fits perfectly with these salacious stories. History has never been so enticing before. If you enjoy great Historical stories from the past, don’t miss this unique opportuny and delve deep into the past, by blown away by the fascinating ancient Romans.



  • – Largo Argentina (site of the assassination of Julius Caesar)
  • – Pantheon
  • – Piazza di Pietra
  • – Piazza Colonna
  • – Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus & Ara Pacis (from outside)
  • – Piazza del Popolo (end of the tour)


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40 thoughts on “Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour

  1. We took the Emperors Nighttime tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Massimo was funny, engaging, and knowledgable. The stories that Massimo tells are quite charming and even salacious at times (what would Rome be without some intrigue?). Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about ancient Roman history, get to know the city, all with some fun stories and twists.

  2. When you go to Rome you should really take one (or several) of Massimo’s tours! He is not only an amazing storyteller, he is also an historian who did extensive research on the subjects he talks about. This means his tours are one of a kind. He incorporated humor, tragedy and excitement in his stories, as he led us through the lifes and deaths of several Roman emperors. He found nice places to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine while we listened to these great stories, which made it not only entertaining but also very pleasant.

  3. Walking through some parts of Rome, you can get close to a historical sensation of Roman antiquity. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what people’s actual lives would have looked like. But not after you’ve finished Massimo’s tour on roman emperors! During one evening, he submerges his listeners into compelling stories with many juicy details on historically evident sites. He really is a great example for tour guides and teachers alike.
    The best part about Massimo’s touring for me is that he is an actual expert. His extensive research makes the tour interesting for a broad audience – even a ‘hard one’ as myself, my colleagues and students who are all historians. Furthermore, you can ask away at any time and he’ll get you the answer wouldn’t have found on Wikipedia.

  4. Massimo De Filippis was an amazing guide telling us the stories of Roman emperors: Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, not the dry facts you find in school history books but some spicy details like Hadrian’s under aged lover Antinuos, Nero’s wife Sporo, a castrated man, and Aurelius’s 14 children, none of whom resembled him. I had so much fun, a lot of detailed research, bravo Massimo, and thank you a million times

  5. The tour that Massimo gave was absolutely incredible. All the knowledge, energy and expertise combined into a fantastic tour through the lives of a selected group of Roman emperors. His knowledge of the subject is immense and his way of telling makes you want to listen to him for hours. Thanks for everthing Massimo!

  6. My husband and I took Massimo’s tour to Ostia Antica and his Roman Emperors Tour. We’ve been fortunate to participate in many tours all over the USA and Europe, but Massimo’s tours are above all in quality of material and presentation. Massimo is energetic, knowledgeable and an overall great person. He answered all of our questions and gave us recommendations on where to dine.

  7. Massimo was great, a Roman with great English and a passion for his subject. He managed to give an overview of the imperial period of Rome using well known characters, little known stories and a great sense of humour. I can’t wait to go on the Courtesans tour! Thanks Massimo

  8. Just got back from our Storytelling Tour, Julius Caesar & The Roman Emperors, what a great time! Massimo was a great guide and the stories he told were fantastic. We learned history mixed with laughter and insight. Highly recommend any of his tours!

  9. Ask my husband who is the best tour guide, and he will say Massimo is the best in all of Italy! My family has taken both the courtesans tour and the emperors tour, both are fantastic. We have toured Italy many times, and Massimo brings a passion to the tour you won’t find with other guides. He clearly LOVES this, and his enthusiasm shines through. You really get to understand the people of Ancient Rome, weaving together the history of Rome in a way that’s makes it easy to understand and fun to lean about. Massimo is passionate, informative and easy to understand and learn from. Don’t hesitate- book your tour now! Well worth the price and time.

  10. Massimo has created some fascinating tours which make the city of Rome come alive.
    We did both the Emperors tour and the Courtesans tour which were simply amazing.
    Massimo has a gift for storytelling and enthusiastically gives life to Rome’s historical figures (making it easy for even the history novice to understand and relate to).
    The great reviews speak for themselves – these tours offer a unique insight from an engaging and considerate tour guide and are a must do for visitors looking for a little more depth in their tours of Rome.

  11. When in Rome you must take time out to take at least one tour with Massimo. Informative, knowledgeable and fun tours. Massimo is able to answer any questions asked by visitors. On our tour the other people in the party had already been on tours with Massimo so knew what to expect and both had taken his tours on recommendation by friends. We have taken lots of tours over the years and I can honestly say that Massimo’s experience and passion about Rome cannot be beaten by any other tour guide. He entertained us from beginning to end with his tales of the Roman Emperors and their families. Massimo a huge thanks from us and hope to see you again soon.

  12. Massimo knows Rome and its history, he brings the characters to life in a way through stories that is second to none. I know Rome and its history, but learned more and more at every turn, Grazie Massimo

  13. I went on the Roman Emperors Tour and also the Courtesans Tour! They were both wonderful & great value for the money! Massimo was very enthusiastic & passionate about the tours. You can tell that he put a LOT of research into developing the story telling tours! You do also see some sights of course, but they are related to the stories of the particular tours. The pace is good- he moves quickly but does give you enough time for photos. I personally do not prefer the tours that are 2.5-3 hr long & then give you 20 min or so break in the middle- with Massimo this was optional if you wanted it which was a nice touch. of course, at the end of the tour, he is very helpful in getting you back to the nearest metro or bus line. I would also like to add that there were MANY tours that i researched prior to the trip & Massimo had by far the best prices. Even if you go on the ‘free tours’ you should be ‘tipping’ 20 euro anyway. & then to receive such great tours on top of the great price: Excellent!! Well done! Thank you Massimo, Patty from New Orleans

  14. Best guide out of all 5 of our tours in Italy! He was knowledgeable and hilarious! Wish he would’ve been our guide on all our tours! It is even more impressive that most of his tours are the result of his research. You should really take “Julius Caesar & the Roman Emperors Tour”, it’s a very nice and easy way to learn about ancient Rome, right in the spot!

  15. He knows his stuff and I appreciate the span of knowledge he had to answer the questions peripheral to the sites we saw. He demonstrated a high level of intelligence and curiosity. The tour was also very well paced

  16. Massimo was brilliant, very informative and enthusiastic in what he was talking about. He went above and beyond what was necessary and we felt that this made the tour even more interesting. If I could, I would have him as a guide for all my tours.

  17. Fantastic amount of knowledge, well delivered with humor and from a very different perspective.

  18. Having serendipetously come across Massimo’s English Courtesan’s Tour and then his English Emperors Tour, I have to say I am very impressed.

    He was able to communicate his well-researched stories to the group well to all of us.

    His Rome tours included highlighted spots, homes and buildings of important people, and translated inscriptions, along with some well placed and sometimes ingriguing photographs.

    The stories really brought out in the Courtesans Tour highlights give the courtesans meaning in their time period.

    The Emperors of Rome tour gave far more depth to not only the stories we surely have all heard before, but shines light also on some lesser-known, if equally notorious heads of the Roman Empire.

    These are highly recommended rome tours in english or italian – and he may have other languages I don’t know about!

  19. I had the pleasure of taking two tours with Massimo over a two day period: Courtesans and the Roman Emperors. In both cases, Massimo’s attention to detail and research into the social and historical backgrounds of the women and men he was speaking about was evident. It was exciting to be told these stories and his style made me feel as though I were there in the moment seeing and hearing the events take place in front of me.

    Fantastic and meaty tours that really delve into the backstreets and little known stories of Rome and its inhabitants – I would recommend for the seasoned history-lover as much as for someone who is new to these topics.

  20. I really enjoyed the Roman Emperors Tour very much. Massimo leads you through six places in the heart of Rome where History has been made. His unusual way of telling stories is really engaging! So I discovered many things and details about Caesar, Hadrian, Agrippa, Julia and Nero that I’ve never heard before. I highly recommend it!

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