Food & Wine Tour in Monti Neighbourhood

Experience an authentic Roman neighbourhood with acclaimed shops and cafés beloved by locals!

See the once seedy quarter where Julius Caesar was born and is now home to a unique blend of artists and Romans who have lived there for generations.

Enjoy some of Italy’s most famous wines as well as traditional foods of Rome.



This is a food & wine tour that is truly legit featuring some of the highest-rated wine bars and street food shops as well as authentic local favourites.

It is a 3 hour walking tour through Monti neighborhood.

Monti is located in the heart of the historic center of Rome behind the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, yet it is unique because it has retained its truly authentic neighborhood feeling. Explore the cobblestone streets, walking past ivy-covered buildings, ancient churches and even walls from the Roman Empire still intact, giving you a chance to experience some of the most iconic sites of Rome from a unique and hidden perspective. In addition to being picturesque Monti is still filled with non-touristy shops and bars.

Visit and taste the specialties of a traditional neighborhood bakery, historic wine bar and pizza shop. Through the years Monti has welcomed artists, designers and young creative types who have opened numerous art galleries, jewelry, clothing and home furnishing shops filled with original work. This uncommon mix has created a wonderful atmosphere in Monti and has sparked a new foodie movement, taste some of the best streetfood and quick bites that Rome has to offer made from the highest-quality local ingredients.
Learn about the history of prosecco and where the locals meet for refreshment every evening. Your expert guide will also recount the history of the neighborhood, how and why Monti went from being a neighborhood full of brothels and houses of ill-repute in ancient times to being one of the most popular evening destinations in Rome. During the tour there will be walking in between the stops to allow you to digest a bit and take in the incedible history of the neighborhood.

This is a small-group tour with no groups larger than 8 people giving you plenty of time to ask your guide any curiosities you may have about Roman food and drink traditions, culture and history. The tour focuses on the aperitivo time – the before dinner drinks and light food enjoyed by Italians with their friends. At the end of the tour if you’re still hungry your guide can direct you to one of the great restaurants in the neighborhood or maybe you’ll want to enjoy a sweet gelato, your guide will be happy to provide you with suggestions as well as directions.


Included in the tour are all tastes of wine/cocktails and all food.

We are able to accomodate some dietary needs and allergies, please specify when booking.


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3 thoughts on “Food & Wine Tour in Monti Neighbourhood

  1. I had been to Rome a few times but found it too overwhelming and preferred the small town feel at my in-laws’ in a smaller southern Italian city. Well, Anna’s tour managed to not only change my mind about Rome, but it also showed me a side of Italian culture I had not yet been exposed to, despite having lived in Italy myself! With Anna as my guide, Rome felt smaller, more intimate, and I understood what it would be like to live there just from the insider perspective she was able to give. Anyone wanting to know what it would be like to be a local and to truly understand Italian food culture must take this tour. Even if you have done all of the traditional sites in Rome, this tour will make you feel not like a tourist, but like a friend being shown around. If you are wondering how to avoid tourist trap restaurants, this is the tour for you. Being in Italy, every meal should be exquisite, and Anna shows you how to make that happen!

  2. We took the Food & Wine tour with Anna in the Monti neighborhood. The neighborhood itself is lovely and not filled with tourists, the shopkeepers and owners are proud of what they do and seemed so happy to see Anna! Best of all the tastes of wine and the dinner bites we sampled were delicious. Anna was very knowledgeable about the history of the neighborhood which added to our casual evening walk. We would highly recommend!

  3. We had such an interesting and entertaining time on Massimo’s Scarlet Ladies tour, we wanted to take another tour from this company…and it was just as delightful!
    We met Anna on a drizzly early evening and were immediately captivated by her warm and genuine smile…and were surprised and charmed by the offbeat (somewhat Bohemian) neighborhood known as Monti…
    We sampled exceptional crisp and chewy wine-flavored cookies and tozzetti (fabulous biscotti!) from a historic bakery – a delicious savory panino filled with grilled eggplant, prosciutto and parmesan…We drank the traditional Italian spritz and Franciacorta which is an effervescent white wine…that’s more like champagne than Prosecco…With each stop our expectations continued to be exceeded! The food and drink and the walk through Monti – were made more enjoyable by Anna’s knowledge and her charming banter with the shop owners…We returned to Monti on our own the next day to investigate further its alternative fashion shops, gourmet street food and open-air cafe culture – and I bought panpepato (on Anna’s recommendation) to bring home as Christmas gifts for our “foodie” friends!
    We thoroughly recommend this tour.

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Tour Logistics

65 euros per person, all included.
Groups are no larger than 8 participants

Private Tour for 1 person: 120 euros
Private Tour for 2 people: 199 euros
Private Tour for 3 people: 269 euros
Private Tour for 4 people: 319 euros
Private Tour for 5 people: 379 euros
Private Tour for 6 people: 419 euros

3 hours
Mon, Wed, Fri
Private tours are available every day except sunday
6:00 pm
Central Rome in Monti neighborhood, details will be provided upon booking.
Included in the tour are all tastes of wine/cocktails and all food.

We are able to accomodate some dietary needs and allergies, please specify when booking.