Ancient Rome Tour: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

The Colosseum is the Most Booked Site in the World.
Make sure that your visit will be a 5 Stars Remarkable Experience


Enjoy a Privileged Skip the Line direct entrance into the famous Arena


the-stage-floor-in-the-colosseumRome is a beautiful city like no other. A cultural jewel whose importance to modern society cannot be understated, boasting an unrivalled depth of architectural wealth and famous landmarks. But real history is ultimately made by people; buildings are just the shells their life stories leave behind. There is only so much you can learn (and more importantly understand) by walking through a ruin with a brief audio-guide, or by reading the plaques at a museum. The goal of this tour is to show you the magnificence of the Colosseum but other than that, to bring Ancient Rome’s Society to life, delving deep into the lives of notable Emperors such as Nero, Vespasian and his son Domitian. You will certainly remain in awe when admiring at the huge dimensions of the Colosseum but your English speaking tour guide/story teller will bring for that day Ancient Rome to life for you, with anecdotes and facts related to the Gladiators and the roman Emperors. Nearly two hours inside the Colosseum will make you want to watch the “Gladiator” movie once again. Surprisingly though, this is not the end of our tour and most likely the best part of it has yet to come! Indeed, after the visit inside the Colosseum, your tour guide will take you to the ancient downtown Rome, known Roman Forum. In this archaeological site you will learn of the fascinating Vestal Virgins, the priestesses who had to look after the Eternal Flame of Rome for 30 years, they were the women who had the highest consideration in roman society, to the point that they were seen as “living-demigoddesses”. In addition, your tour guide will show you several recreations of how the Roman Forum looked, back in its heyday.
The final part of your walking tour is the Palatine Hill, hence the official residence of the Roman Emperors, their Palace. The visit in also enriched by a view over the Circus Maximus, which was the biggest stadium in the history of the classical world and you will learn everything about the Chariot Races and the lives of the Charioteers, who were the real Super Stars of ancient Rome, with all the incredible amount of money that some of them had been able to collect in their lifetime


What’s Included:

  • Skip the line entrance in the Colosseum
  • The Arch of Emperor Constantine
  • Skip the line entrance in the Roman Forum
  • Temple of Vesta
  • Temple of Julius Caesar
  • The Via Sacra
  • The Arch of Emperor Titus
  • Palatine Hill (site of the foundation of Rome)


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35 thoughts on “Ancient Rome Tour: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

  1. Massimo was a fantastic person a pleasure to spend 3 hours with, his explanations and details of Roman history were exceptional.

  2. He was knowledgeable and funny on the tour. He knew the information and presented it very well.

  3. Massimo was outstanding! He was funny and informative, I would highly recommend booking a tour with him as your guide. From my perspective this was a five star tour for a great price.

  4. He’s hilarious, and informative. Gives plenty of time and you learn so much but he makes it fun instead of boring

  5. Massimo was a fantastic person a pleasure to spend 3 hours with, his explanations and details of Roman history were exceptional.

  6. Massimo was brilliant. He was very engaging and had a wealth of knowledge. If we ever returned to Rome we would specifically look to have a tour with him again. 5 out of 5

  7. Massimo was professional, knowledgeable and easy to listen to. The historical detail was supported by computer generated photographs that gave us an idea of what the sites looked like before they became ruins. Details of the relevant emperors and their influence on the construction of the colosseum and other historical sites added context that made complete sense. Definitions and origins of words and phrases were a definite plus. Massimo is an excellent story teller and truly enjoys what he does and it is infectious. Be prepared, the walk is strenuous not for the timid.

  8. Personable, articulate, knowledgeable. Massimo delivered an informed but light hearted tour, we learnt so much and secured some incredible photos.

  9. Massimo was very informative and highlighted interesting – and memorable – facts.

  10. He was amazing by far the best tour Guide we have had. He is really funny nice and made the tour really interesting and fun. Think he should get a raise ??

  11. Massimo was the best guide we had all week. He loves the subject matter, is incredibly well educated and uses relevant stories to tell the history of the place. He’s the best! Thoroughly enjoyable and we learned to much.

  12. Massimo was incredible. He made the tour fun and was so knowledgeable. He felt so real and was easily the best tour guide I have ever had.

  13. Excellent knowledge of the colosseum and the surrounding areas. Very easy to understand and very patient with our family of 7.

  14. Massimo was so passionate about the history of the Colosseum and able to make connections with what happened then with modern day. This made the entire tour a phenomenal experience!!!

  15. Very well versed with the area. Kept us engrossed. Did excellent job. Would recommend without reservations.

  16. Massimo was passionate about Ancient Rome! Even our teenagers loved the tour! Going in the Colosseum was an absolute treat!!! Fantastic tour!!!!

  17. Massimo was amazing. Very energetic, and knowledgeable about the Colosseum. We really enjoyed this tour. Thank you!

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