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Julius Caesar & the Emperors’ Nighttime Stories Tour

For the first time, there is now a storytelling tour focused on the personal stories of the early Emperors of Rome.

Take a stroll in downtown Rome and get ready to be blown away by the lives of the ancient Romans, their love stories, and their “peculiarities”!

Hear about the assassination of Julius Caesar exactly where it happened.
This is not only about Caesar, though. Besides him, there are 5 more mind-blowing Romans to talk about. For example, discover Marcus Agrippa and be amazed by his loyalty and friendship with the first Roman Emperor of Rome, Augustus.

This storytelling tour is unique, fun, and rich with powerful stories. On this tour, we also shine a light on a lady, a young girl who in ancient times was the daughter of the most powerful man in the world. She was Julia, and her father was Emperor Augustus. Of course, we didn’t forget characters like Emperor Nero and Hadrian. These Emperors, who were very opposite personalities, have their moment of glory on the tour.

Besides the stories, it is also wonderful to enjoy a stroll in the evening. If you’ve been to Rome before, you know how brutal the summertime heat can be. Therefore, the nighttime setting is reinvigorating and beautifully enjoyable.
If you enjoy great historical stories from the past, don’t miss this unique opportunity and delve deep into the past. Prepare yourself and be blown away by the fascinating ancient Romans.


  • – Largo Argentina (site of the assassination of Julius Caesar)
  • – Pantheon
  • – Piazza di Pietra
  • – Piazza Colonna
  • – Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus & Ara Pacis (from outside)
  • – Piazza del Popolo (end of the tour)

Roman Empresses Tour: Stories of Livia, Agrippina & Vestal Virgins

At that time, many men thought that an educated woman who was also able to confront them was the most disgraceful thing ever. How could a woman make a mark, in those days?

Now for the first time ever, there finally is a storytelling tour that aims to answer such questions. Women are in the spotlight in this one-of-a-kind evening tour.

They will impress you with how incredibly remarkable they were in ancient Rome. Let’s shine a light on the mothers, the workers, and the “First Ladies” who ran an Empire, back in the day.

These women are eager to have their voices be heard and they will roar at you their untold stories.

Meet Agrippina, mother of Emperor Nero and sister of Emperor Caligula, and be in awe when you hear of her incredible life. Discover powerful priestesses known as Vestal Virgins and why they were so significant to Rome, in antiquity. Hear about Empress Livia, wife of Augustus, and see how she became an icon for all the other Roman Empresses to come.

The tour takes place in a marvelous setting.

Together with your English-speaking tour guide, you will take a stroll by the Roman Forum at twilight, admiring one of the most important archaeological sites in the world from an unusual angle. See the ruins that are a testament to those women’s lives and discover how much of the city of Rome still proves their existence. It is time to delve deep into the lives of fierce and badass women who, at that time, pulled the strings of one of the greatest empires ever, Rome. On this unique tour, you will hear about some of the most famous women in history… ever!!! Don’t miss it.

Sites Visited:

– Arch of Emperor Septimius Severus
– Roman Forum (from outside)
– Theatre of Marcellus (from outside)
– Portico of Octavia & the Jewish Quarter of Rome, end of the tour

Renaissance Scarlet Ladies Tour: Powerful Women in XVI Century Rome

History is not only a series of dates and facts, that is only the boring part. History is men and women who loved, who fought… and many times made compromises too.
This is the first in Italy of its genre.
It tells the riveting tales of Italian Renaissance women who were powerful, successful, and beautiful.
They influenced politics and history, back in the XVI Century.
Today we can discover their stories in some of the World’s Most Renowned Works of Art.
Great Italian Artists such as Caravaggio, Raphael, and Pinturicchio, captured their beauty and struggles forever.
In Renaissance Rome, women could not get an education.
It was considered inappropriate for a wife to be smarter than her husband.
For women unwilling to accept this narrow lot in life, the alternative was a considerable compromise…. To Become a Courtesan.
In Renaissance times, courtesans were highly educated: great singers, poets, and dancers. They could be financially independent and could live on their own.
This is a side of history not found in a textbook – the scandalous one.
For many, the life of a courtesan could be fascinating.
Come and get to know the Renaissance Scarlet Ladies

Stories are more Engaging, if they are History…

Sites visited:

  • Piazza Venezia
  • Galleria Doria Pamphilj (from outside)
  • Saint Augustine’s Church
  • Piazza Fiammetta
  • The House of Cesare & Lucrezia Borgia’s Mother (from outside)
  • Campo de’ Fiori
  • Piazza Farnese (end of the tour)

Storytelling Rome Tour: the Highlights

This should be the first tour that every visitor to Rome takes. It will acquaint you with the historic center and familiarize you with Rome. 

Get whisked off through the great highlights that the city of Rome has to offer. You will start your English-speaking tour by the famous Spanish Steps. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, listen to Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ story while marveling at his four-story tall marble column located right in Rome’s city center. Find out why the Pantheon is so magnificent and why it is still such a relevant building to this day. Rome is an open-air museum, enjoy it and get the most from it! This tour ends in Piazza Navona, a beautiful and central square where your tour guide will easily point you to your next destination.



Sites Visited:

  • Spanish Steps
  • Bernini’s home (from outside)
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Column of Emperor Marcus Aurelius
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona (end of the tour)

Hidden Historic Churches Tour with San Clemente Basilica & Pope Francis’ Official Cathedral

BRONZE DOORS SAINT JOHN IN LATERANTogether with your English-speaking tour guide, you will start your guided tour in the unique multi-layered San Clemente Basilica: a 12th Century Church, built on top of a 4th Century Church, built on top of a 2nd Century Pagan Temple, built on top of 1st Century Roman Buildings.

The tour will grant you access to all the underground levels, going 45 feet below the current street level, and walking over the bricks of the old Roman age.

The second and final church included on the guided tour is the Most Important Catholic Church in the World; Saint John in Lateran Basilica, the official Seat of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis. Alongside the church’s magnificence, your tour guide will enrich the excursion with some interesting facts and details about Holy Stairs, the marble stairway allegedly walked by Christ, and the most ancient Egyptian Obelisk in the World, transported to Rome by ancient roman Emperors. The tour ends nearby the “San Giovanni” Metro Stop subway line.


  • The Temple of God Mithras
  • The Roman Coin-Mint built in the 1st Century AD
  • The Roman Bronze door from the 1st Century BC
  • The Holy Steps. This is a pilgrimage site and visitors climb it to the top, but on their knees. However, climbing it is not part of the guided tour.
  • The Egyptian Obelisk was brought to Rome by Emperor Constantine. This is the heaviest, the tallest and the most ancient Egyptian Obelisk in the World

Borghese Gallery Private Tour

Bernini: an artwork mentioned on the tourThe Borghese Gallery was undeniably one of the most important places in all of Europe in the 1600’s .

Even today, the gallery houses a smaller and way more elite collection than the Vatican Museums and offers the rare opportunity to see some of the world’s most impressive masterpieces in their original setting. With works by Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian it has a billing to rival the Louvre. Join us on a relaxed exploration of the Borghese Gallery. With an expert, English-speaking tour guide, you’ll delve into the Borghese collection.  Your guide will reveal to you the hidden and intriguing stories behind the paintings and sculptures.  You will also hear how the incredibly powerful and flamboyant pope’s nephew Scipione Borghese, managed to acquire so many masterpieces, previously destined for other clients…..


Get ready to be amazed!!!!

Some of the Artworks included in the Tour

  • Caravaggio’s Paintings: “David with the Head of Goliath”, “The Virgin Mary & the Snake” “Saint Jerome”, “Young Saint John the Baptist”, “Sick Bacchus”
  • Bernini’s Sculptures: “Apollo & Daphne” “David” “Rape of Persephone”
  • Titian’s Painting: “Sacred and Profane Love”
  • Raphael’s Paintings : “Young Lady with Unicorn”, “Entombment of Christ”
  • Canova’s Statue: “Paoline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s Sister”
  • …and more…

National Museum Palazzo Massimo Tour

If you love antiquities, there is no such museum to visit as the Palazzo Massimo. The best and most unique antiquities in Rome’s history are preserved right inside of this structure, in a very elegant and sophisticated way. Did you know that Emperor Caligula had a Naval Floating Ship? Yes, you understood correctly! Inside Palazzo Massimo one of the rarities you can see is a representation of what the naval floating ship would have looked like and your English Speaking guide, will draw your attention over to the bronze remains that, back in the old times, would decorate it with such bizarre magnificence! Many great ancient world’s masterpieces make Palazzo Massimo a museum to visit, like for example the frescoes removed from the Villa of the First Lady Livia, wife of Emperor Augustus. You will be completely dazzled by those well preserved frescoes, which were meant to represent a “Paradise”: hence a prefect garden. Palazzo Massimo is also the ONLY place where you can admire a 2nd century BC painted Calendar, which is the only piece of evidence of a Lunar Calendar of the ancient world, first before Julius Caesar and much later Pope Gregorius, would adjust the reckoning of time for the modern society we live in!
In the rooms on the ground floor are exhibited splendid Greek originals discovered in Rome throughout the centuries, such as the Boxer at Rest, the Hellenistic Prince, as well as portraiture of the Republican and Imperial ages, culminating in the statue of Augustus Pontifex Maximus (High Priest).


What’s Included:

  • 2nd Century BC Ancient Roman Lunar Calendar; the only one in the World
  • 2nd Century AD Grottarossa Mummy; the only one in the World
  • Bronze Statue of the Boxer at Rest
  • Villa of Empress Livia, her original Dining Room
  • Julia daughter of Emperor Augustus; a few bedrooms and rooms from her villa
  • Bronze remains from the Naval Floating Palace of Emperor Caligula

Ostia Antica Half Day Walking Tour

Leave the modern world behind as your English speaking tour guide will bring antiquities to life before your very eyes.
Listen as your guide provides a captivating account as you marvel at its theater, impressive temples, insula apartment blocks and the Forum of Corporations, where everything under the sun was bought and sold.
Be wowed by the great mosaic floors and several well preserved statues that seem to be, inappropriately, called “ruins”. In your Ostia Antica group tour there will be up to 14 participants or less. Small groups are indeed the best way to really enjoy the guided visit and to get the most from it.

In this huge archaeological site there are quite a few buildings that you can actually climb. For example, one of the highlights in this place is the 1st Century BC Theatre built by Marcus Agrippa that to this day can host 3.500 spectators at the same time. You can walk up to its top to have a gorgeous view of the ancient city from above. However on this walking tour we do not talk about only religious temples and ancient stores but it’ll actually be a colorful tour especially once you come across the ancient roman public toilets; the Latrines.
This tour is an eye-opening experience because you will understand how incredibly “modern” and “advanced” the ancient Romans were and how much of our modern daily lives are actually affected by them.

Traveling with an expert guide, you’ll visit all the best sites and learn to identify them for what they once were, making sense of plenty of structures.

This unique tour of Ancient Ostia departs from Rome by local train and you arrive at Ostia Antica in approximately 20 minutes.

What’s Inlcuded

  • Small groups of 14 people or less
  • Train ticket to and from Rome
  • Ancient Ostia entrance ticket
  • English speaking tour guide

What’s not Included

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • Gratuities
  • Food/Beverage

Ancient Rome Tour: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

the-stage-floor-in-the-colosseumRome is a beautiful city like no other. A cultural jewel whose importance to modern society cannot be understated, boasting an unrivalled depth of architectural wealth and famous landmarks. But real history is ultimately made by people; buildings are just the shells their life stories leave behind. There is only so much you can learn (and more importantly understand) by walking through a ruin with a brief audio-guide, or by reading the plaques at a museum. The goal of this tour is to show you the magnificence of the Colosseum but other than that, to bring Ancient Rome’s Society to life, delving deep into the lives of notable Emperors such as Nero, Vespasian and his son Domitian. You will certainly remain in awe when admiring at the huge dimensions of the Colosseum but your English speaking tour guide/story teller will bring for that day Ancient Rome to life for you, with anecdotes and facts related to the Gladiators and the roman Emperors. Nearly two hours inside the Colosseum will make you want to watch the “Gladiator” movie once again. Surprisingly though, this is not the end of our tour and most likely the best part of it has yet to come! Indeed, after the visit inside the Colosseum, your tour guide will take you to the ancient downtown Rome, known Roman Forum. In this archaeological site you will learn of the fascinating Vestal Virgins, the priestesses who had to look after the Eternal Flame of Rome for 30 years, they were the women who had the highest consideration in roman society, to the point that they were seen as “living-demigoddesses”. In addition, your tour guide will show you several recreations of how the Roman Forum looked, back in its heyday.
The final part of your walking tour is the Palatine Hill, hence the official residence of the Roman Emperors, their Palace. The visit in also enriched by a view over the Circus Maximus, which was the biggest stadium in the history of the classical world and you will learn everything about the Chariot Races and the lives of the Charioteers, who were the real Super Stars of ancient Rome, with all the incredible amount of money that some of them had been able to collect in their lifetime


What’s Included:

  • Skip the line entrance in the Colosseum
  • The Arch of Emperor Constantine
  • Skip the line entrance in the Roman Forum
  • Temple of Vesta
  • Temple of Julius Caesar
  • The Via Sacra
  • The Arch of Emperor Titus
  • Palatine Hill (site of the foundation of Rome)

The Colosseum & Subterranean Rome

This tour offers visitors of Rome a unique opportunity to fall in love with Rome’s most iconic site, the Colosseum! To further add to the experience the tour will allow guests are to enjoy a thrilling experience beneath the city before a final visit to Rome’s Forum and Palatine hill.  The underground experience offers a unique walk through the subterranean levels of St Clemente Basilica, a church rich and layered lying 45 feet beneath the surface of Rome.  In a quiet and fascinating underground setting a walk amongst the ruins of ancient roman temples clients will experience visiting the only roman coin-mint also! An English speaking tour guide will further share anecdotes and stories that will bring these sites to life, so as to never forget this memorable experience.

The history of these unique sites is incredibly fascinating, so much so that it may become an addiction… We warned you  😉

This guided walking tour offers the great chance to really understand and see the ancient Roman Empire as well as the modern city of Rome, because all of its underground levels and tunnels hide a lot of history and have literally laid the foundations of the modern city that we walk on, today.

The “Colosseum & Subterranean Rome Tour” combines perfectly  an iconic site such as the Colosseum, together with a hidden gem like the Basilica of St Clemente, hence it covers a major site and an off the beaten path one, at the same time before going onto the very foundation of Rome’s society, the Forum.

The forum offers an exploration of the ancient downtown Rome, and helps guests of the city to learn about the  Vestal Virgin priestesses and the Eternal Flame that they had to guard over, which guaranteed the sake and safety of the Empire. Be in awe when looking at the burial site of Julius Caesar, walk by the ancient Senate where the Emperors gave their public rallies from and experience with all your senses what daily life would have been really like, back in the Classical World.

Admire Rome’s ruins, awe at their splendor, discover its tunnels

We owe the Ancient Romans more than you would think… So what’s to decide… What are you waiting for

What’s Included:

  • Skip the Line direct entrance to the Colosseum
  • Basilica of San Clement with ALL its underground levels, down to the Ancient Roman Coin-Mint
  • The Arch of Emperor Constantine
  • The Palatine Hill (the ancient residence of the Roman Emperors)
  •  The Roman Forum
  •  Temple of Vesta
  •  Basilica Julia
  •  Temple of Julius Caesar (end of the tour)
Touring Rome With A Great Guide I have been to Rome 4 times with friends and we mostly toured on our own. Once we had a guide for the Coliseum and the Vatican but they were crowded and not very interesting. A friend told me about Massimo and his story telling tours. We had 6 family members in our group and his tours were the highlight of our trip. He made it so very interesting with his stories and facts about the places we visited. I learned things I had never heard before. We never felt bored with just getting facts, but enjoyed the story format of the tour. He also went over and above his job as tour guide and made dinner reservations for us and gave us many helpful hints about taxis and times to go places when it wouldn't be so crowded. I'm going back in July with grandkids and can't wait to hire him again. He is like a family friend to me now.
Angela P
Angela P
Great tours with Massimo The tours were great. Massimo was a wonderful guide. He was informative and fun. He also made us lunch reservations and helped us with transportation. Would highly recommend.
Lori M
Lori M
Colosseum/Rome city tour Great experience!! Excellent tour with a lot of entertaining anecdotes. Well worth the cost. Your guide also helped with restaurant reservations & recommendations.
Tour delle cortigiane Ho partecipato al tour delle cortigiane e lo consiglio vivamente. Storie originali e interessanti, raccontate in modo coinvolgente e divertente. Massimo è competente e appassionato, sempre disponibile a rispondere alle nostre domande
Angelica P
Angelica P
Intrighi...che passione! Massimo ha il bellissimo dono di farti immergere completamente nelle storie che racconta, vieni completamente catapultato in un altro tempo e inizi a vedere tutto con occhi diversi. Il Tour delle Cortigiane è stato molto affascinante e a parte l'ironia, necessaria per comprendere anche il vissuto del potere politico del Rinascimento, Massimo ha parlato di ogni donna con molta cura e passione donandoci attimi di commozione . Se volete comprendere Roma da un altro punto di vista vi consiglio caldamente questo tour e preparatevi a divertirvi.
ann w
ann w
Women is Rome We have visited Rome for many years and we have participated in many guided tours. This tour rates as one of the best ever, if not the best. It was quite easy to arrange a private tour for the three of us with Massimo for Saturday afternoon. He was prompt, friendly, informative, and an engaging storyteller. He provided stories of Romans I have never heard and certainly stimulated my curiosity to learn more. The leisurely stroll took us on streets that were new to me and the identification of various buildings,along with their histories, made the stroll captivating in a new way. I can’t recommend this tour highly enough.
Cannot Recommend Highly Enough! A Tour With Massimo with MAKE YOUR TRIP! I took my mother to Italy for her 70th birthday in November/December 2023. This tour was the absolute highlight of our time in Rome. We did the Scarlet Ladies Tour and had an absolutely amazing time. Massimo was SO knowledgeable and funny - it was one of the better walking tours I have ever been on (and I travel and do walking tours in different cities a couple times a year). But on top of that, the subject matter was so unique and so intriguing -- we knew it would be interesting based on the general description, but the tour was so much more fascinating than I even could have hoped! My mom and I were talking about it for days afterwards. Massimo was so imaginative in coming up with this unusual theme for a tour. It was really creative how he linked the stories of the various women together in a way that painted a bigger picture of female lives throughout Italian history, but also linked them to geographical places, so you could really feel how the history tied back into the city during different eras. It made you feel like you were walking in these women's shoes. And the fact that the tour also brought in the art, and culture/religion of the city was so cool. It was, in a word, extraordinary. It was very clear that Massimo loves the city and loves sharing it with people. I will DEFINITELY do another tour with Massimo when I return to Rome. Eyeing up the empresses tour next... On the logistical side, my mom has some mobility issues and Massimo was able to accommodate her and adjust things a bit so she could be more comfortable, finding places for her to sit, etc. He was SO kind and understanding, and really made sure that she was comfortable, but also that we were still able to enjoy the full breadth and experience of the tour. He was wonderful. He offered to stop for drink and bathroom breaks when we needed them and overall was an attentive and friendly host. I cannot recommend Massimo and his company highly enough. A+++++++. Sign up now!!!! It will make your entire trip.
Fantastic! Book a tour- you won’t regret it!! We did the Women of Ancient Rome tour with Massimo and the Underground Rome and the Colosseum with Anna. They were both fantastic. So friendly and knowledgeable- they really brought Rome to life for us. There is just so much to take in, it really makes a big difference having a good guide to help to make sense of it. The tours were worth every penny. We did a cheaper, bigger tour (with a different company) to the Vatican and there was honestly no comparison. Looking forward to visiting Rome again and doing another Storytelling tour.
The BEST storyteller in all of Rome Massimo is simply the best! We have toured with Massimo four time now, and every time we learn something new. Massimo does his OWN research, so he isn't regurgitating the same lines the tour guide to the side is. He is well read, answers any question knowledgeably and his breadth of knowledge is deep. I recommend this group and any tour will be spectacular.
Lori F
Lori F
Great Rome Adventures Massimo’s tours were absolutely amazing! We took 4 tours with Massimo as our guide, and they were all beyond my greatest expectations. I learned so much about Ancient Rome and loved Massimo’s delivery which was very thorough and entertaining. He has a gift to connect with people and made our time in Rome fabulous!