Hi there!

I’m Shannon, an artist and tour guide living in Italy since 2010. My first experience with Italy was when I met my Roman husband at college in the States, and he brought me to visit his family for the summer. I fell in love with the place, and we made the move to Rome permanent after completing our degrees.

I have a background in painting and art history, which drew me to this job as a guide right away. We can learn so much about cultures from the past by studying the art they left behind, and I love sharing this passion for art history with visitors to Rome. Art is about so much more than names and dates; it’s the stories, the lives, the beliefs and the struggles of the artists themselves that make the subject so captivating to me. My goal is for my tours to never feel like a lecture. Instead, I want visitors to feel that they’ve just visited Rome with an old friend.

In addition to the artistic masterpieces of this city, I am also fascinated by the creepier side of Rome’s history. One of my favorite subjects is the attitude toward death and burial in the ancient world, and on most days during the hot Roman summer I can be found in the chilly underground spaces of Rome giving tours of city’s various catacombs and crypts.

My favorite part of my job is watching visitors truly connect with the past and understand history in a deeper way. Visiting Rome is like traveling back in time, and I feel so lucky to make that journey every day.