I’m Davide.
I was born in central Italy in a small city by the sea and have been living in Rome since 2002 to complete my studies, and eventually I graduated in journalism. Years were going by and then back in 2010 I started working in the tourism industry and I found it fascinating, exciting and full of unknown potential. I started my career handling the logistics of guided tours, such as bookings, timings… the boring part of it basically, but when eventually I felt comfortable enough, I started studying the history of Rome and I dug into it until eventually I became a tour guide. I find it so appealing to study the glories of the Roman Empire, to learn about the people from the past, the battles and the conspiracies, the technology that they had in those days, and to eventually compare what people were back then with what we have become thousands of years after.  As a journalist myself, what appeals to me in studying the history, is not the academic part of it but rather to bring life to the past and to also create connection with it. Tour guides always have to be up to date with new studies, research and discoveries and in the city of Rome I have found the good match that I was looking for!

However, what truly excites me every time in this job is the spark in my clients’ eyes, their questions, their doubts, their amusement and the admiration for what we have been able to discover, to create and to invent such a long time ago, because such discoveries have laid the fundation of our way of living in the XXI century.