I’m Amanda.
I have an MA in the History and Archaeology of Rome and have been tour guiding since 2013.
I have always been passionate about Ancient History and when I left my finance job to study Classics people thought I was crazy… Since then Russell Crowe and others in Gladiator, Troy and 300 have made Roman history cool again. As Massimo says there is nothing boring about the past and never was.

I fell in love with Rome while studying here in 2005 and dreamed of coming back and my mission was to get people interested in the Ancient Romans. Today my office is the Colosseum, and the beautiful backdrop of Rome with over three thousand years of lives, loves, conflict, conquest and decline. I want to share some of this with you and explore ancient Roman life in a different way.

Were there popcorn and souvenirs at the Colosseum? Where could you buy eye-liner in Ancient Rome? What did the Romans use for toilet paper? And did Nero really burn down the city? These are all questions which need to be asked and I would like to try and answer them and have some fun along the way!