Herstory Tour: Women and Muses in Arts

This is a guided tour of a temporary exhibit concentrated on women, that will be available only until October 2019


Come and visit the “Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale” a hidden treasure of the city, located by the Spanish Steps


Welcome to a unique guided tour, which focuses on the lives of artists and events from the past two centuries.

From the late 1800’s after the Unification of Italy and continuing into the twentieth century also leading into time span of the Two World Wars, various artists dedicated their masterpieces to the significant women of their lives.   As result mothers, partners and daughters became subjects for numerous works of art, now held in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in the city centre of Rome.

During the past two centuries woman’s role have seen fundamental and crucial changes.  From initially the role of woman being represented in the role of the “Angel” or the “Heart of the House”, to then through time her concept and role of growing to be seen as more.  Given more freedom Woman became validated to be viewed in different shades and accepted with greater and bolder personality.  Acceptance was administered and different roles that she could cover in society, this is referenced in art as the woman is seen not only as dutiful but as the worker, a sexy lover, the friend or an equal partner for life.  We owe these people more than what you think.

This museum tour is a great chance to see how the aftermath of WW I & II have paved the road to a modern woman, a human being that in the XXI Century is finally allowed to be financially and socially independent and that can also claim her own place in the world.





What’s Included:

– expert tour guide and storyteller of the XIX and XX Century Art and History

– tickets into the Galleria Nazionale

– guided tour of the Woman exhibition



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Tour Logistics

29,00 Euros.
Groups are no larger than 10 people


– Private tour for 1 person: 85 euros
– Private tour for 2 people: 99 euros
– Private tour for 3 people: 119 euros
– Private tour for 4 people: 139 euros
– Private tour for 5 people: 159 euros
– Private tour for 6 people: 179 euros

2 hours
tue, thu
Private tours are available every day, except monday. On a private tour you can choose your favourite start time, whether is in the morning or in the afternoon.
Central Rome. Details provided after booking