I’m Anna, I grew up near Boston, U.S.A. and have been living in Italy since 2005.

I first came to Italy to study art history, fine art, Italian language and sociology of Italy. I immediately fell in love with all things Italian, everything from the rich culture to the language to the warm people and especially the art and history. I knew that I had to live here, and I have been making that dream come true ever since!

I could not imagine myself living anywhere else, plus by now, it truly feels like home. I’ve spent all of my adult life delving deep into the history and culture of this amazing place. Perhaps as a foreigner it fascinates me even more; it’s my passion to know more and more about this country and to share this knowledge with others.

I have a degree in art and theatre and have also done many studies with professors here in Rome of art history, archaeology and history specific to Rome. I have been working as a tour guide in Rome as well as taking clients to other regions of Italy since 2009. My additional background as an actress helps me to convey my strong passion for Italian history and culture to my clients as well as helping me to bring these incredible stories to life in the most entertaining way possible.
I love giving tours of the different archaeological sites, some of the top museums in the world like the Borghese Gallery, a few of the hundreds of interesting churches that we have here as well as food tours and walks that allow me to share more than just the artistic and archaeological history of the city but also other elements of the rich culture here.
I am very fortunate to visit these places every day and I love seeing the joy and wonder on my clients’ faces when they experience them too. There are so many treasures here in Rome and it’s wonderful for me to meet people from all over the world who come to see them. I am so excited to share the marvels of my adopted home city with you!